The 2024 Ford Edge: A Benchmark in Reliability and Fuel Efficiency

A brand-new blue 2024 Ford Edge on a beautiful scenic road.

The 2024 Ford Edge has once again been highlighted by Consumer Reports for its outstanding reliability and fuel efficiency, continuing its reputation as a top choice in the mid-size crossover/SUV market. 

Consumer Reports' Continued Endorsement

Consumer Reports has long appreciated the Ford Edge, consistently naming it as one of the best crossovers/SUVs under $40,000. This distinction is particularly noteworthy as it not only underscores the vehicle’s reliability and fuel efficiency but also its value compared to competitors like the Chevy Blazer. The 2024 model specifically garners praise for maintaining high standards in what consumers seek most in vehicles in its class. 

Versatility and Performance

The Ford Edge is renowned for its versatility, adept at accommodating small families and their gear, and doubling as a utilitarian vehicle ideal for various purposes, including tailgating. Consumer Reports emphasizes that the true value of a vehicle extends beyond its initial appeal and includes factors like reliability and operational efficiency—areas where the Edge excels. 

A brand-new blue 2024 Ford Edge in an urban environment.

A Pleasant and Upscale Driving Experience

Described as a “pleasant, well-rounded SUV,” the 2024 Ford Edge offers an experience akin to more upscale models. It boasts supreme driving manners and a quiet cabin, enhancing the overall feel and comfort of the vehicle. This level of refinement in driving dynamics makes the Edge a standout in its category. 

Safety and Advanced Features

Safety remains a priority for the Ford Edge, equipped with an array of advanced safety features that solidify its status as a secure and dependable choice. The inclusion of these technologies not only supports its high ratings in Consumer Reports’ road tests but also boosts consumer confidence in the vehicle’s capabilities. 

With its continuous recognition from Consumer Reports, the 2024 Ford Edge proves to be an optimal choice for those seeking a reliable, fuel-efficient, and well-equipped mid-size SUV. Its blend of functionality, comfort, and safety makes it a compelling choice for a wide range of buyers. 



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