Q1 2024: Ford Transit Sales Surge Across North America

Three Models of the 2023 Ford Transit.

For over a decade, the Ford Transit has been a top performer in the full-size van market. The latest sales figures from Q1 2024 further solidify its position as the go-to choice for consumers seeking a reliable and versatile vehicle. Let’s explore the Transit’s outstanding sales achievements across North America. 

Ford Transit’s Continued Success in the United States

In the United States, the Ford Transit has once again demonstrated its strong market presence. Delivering 36,999 units in Q1 2024, the Transit saw a 20 percent increase compared to the 30,847 units sold during the same period in 2023. This impressive growth highlights the van’s ongoing popularity and dependability among American buyers. 

Growth in the Canadian Market

The Ford Transit has also shown robust sales performance in Canada. In Q1 2024, 2,813 units were sold, reflecting an 11 percent increase from the 2,524 units sold in Q1 2023. This steady rise in sales indicates the high demand for the Transit’s versatility and reliable performance in the Canadian market. 

A new 2024 Ford Transit on a construction site.

Remarkable Surge in Mexico

Mexico has seen an exceptional increase in Ford Transit sales. In Q1 2024, 1,070 units were delivered, marking an astounding 154 percent rise compared to the 422 units sold in Q1 2023. This significant growth underscores the growing recognition and popularity of the Transit’s superior capabilities in the Mexican market. 

Maintaining Market Leadership

Throughout Q1 2024, the Ford Transit has solidified its leading position in the full-size van segment. With a 20 percent increase in sales to 36,999 units, the Transit maintains its top spot by sales volume, a position it has held since its inception. The Transit’s commanding 60 percent segment share, up by 18 percentage points year-over-year, exemplifies its unrivaled market presence and strong consumer preference. 

A 2021 Ford Transit driving over a bridge.

The Ford Transit’s outstanding sales performance in Q1 2024 across the United States, Canada, and Mexico is a testament to its exceptional reliability, versatility, and market leadership. As the full-size van segment evolves, the Ford Transit continues to set the benchmark for excellence, leaving competitors striving to catch up. 



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