How Ford F-250 Earned the Best Fleet Value Award in 2024

Man walking to his new 2023 Ford Super Duty on a job site.

The Ford F-250 Super Duty has secured the prestigious 2024 Vincentric Best Fleet Value in America Award, reaffirming its status as a leader in the fleet vehicle market. This award marks the model’s continued excellence in providing value, showcasing its low ownership costs across multiple categories. 

Ford's Winning Features

The Ford F-250, specifically the XL model in a regular cab with two-wheel drive, excelled in 19 out of 28 lifestyle cost scenarios, leading its class with the lowest insurance costs. Competing against 167 other trims, the F-250’s superior performance highlights its economic advantages and robust feature set, making it a top choice for fleet operators. 

Additional Ford Winners

In addition to the F-250’s success, other models from Ford’s lineup have also garnered attention. The Ford F-150 Lightning Pro dominated the full-size half-ton pickup segment, while the Ford Maverick XL emerged victorious in the small truck category. These achievements underscore Ford’s commitment to quality and value across its vehicle range. 

A new 2023 Ford Super Duty off-roading in a picturesque setting.

Methodology Behind the Awards

The Vincentric Best Fleet Value in America Awards are determined through a comprehensive cost of ownership analysis. This analysis spans over 3,000 vehicle configurations and assesses them across eight cost factors, including depreciation, taxes, fuel, and maintenance. This rigorous evaluation process ensures that the awards reflect the most economical choices for fleet operators. 

Impact on the Fleet Industry

For nearly two decades, the Vincentric awards have guided fleet professionals in selecting the best vehicles based on economic efficiency and market conditions. David Wurster, President of Vincentric, emphasized that these awards are meticulously data-driven, assisting fleet management companies and operators in making informed purchasing decisions. 

New 2023 Ford Super Duty driving on a country road.

The Ford F-250’s latest accolade not only highlights its cost-effectiveness but also its robustness as a fleet vehicle. Ford’s continuous recognition in the Vincentric awards reflects its dedication to innovation and value, solidifying its position as a leader in the fleet vehicle market. This recognition is a testament to Ford’s commitment to excellence and efficiency in meeting the needs of the fleet industry. 



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